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About our capabilities

Core Competency

McBraida provide a full bought-out finished service
for machined parts from a range of materials including steels, stainless steel, nickel based alloys, titanium and aluminium.
We offer simple through to complex turned and milled parts up to 450mm diameter, prismatic and irregular shaped parts up to 450mm cube. McBraida also have NADCAP approved EDM wire-cutting, spark erosion, welding and brazing which allows for specialist applications. Intricate filters and strainers are fabricated for oil and fuel system environments.

Broader Capability

The provision of heat and surface treatments is organised through suppliers who have a long-standing relationship with McBraida. Similar agreements are in place with both UK and overseas material suppliers for forgings, castings and bar material.
McBraida use a small number of aerospace approved machinists to supply finished machined parts that fall outside the in-house manufacturing envelope.  

Specialists in precision machining and assembly for high technology industries