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Inspection and NDT

Both Internationally recognised Approvals and OEM customer specific approvals are managed and maintained through the McBraida Quality Management System & Procedure manual.

The dedicated inspection area features programmable CMMs but our inspection team is equally at home with measurement techniques from first principles. Measurement equipment is calibrated and controlled centrally but also distributed through the machine shop to enable comprehensive measurement and checking by the operator certified machinists. Variation management of product Key Characteristics, using process control, process capability and Gauge R&R techniques, is deployed in the factory to ensure that product conformance is designed into the manufacturing process.

Non-destructive testing, in the form of dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, is provided in-house to suit the range of manufactured components. Both techniques are NADCAP approved. Vickers hardness testing, pressure testing and flow testing with kerosene or hot oil using custom built and designed flow rig configurations are also provided on-site at McBraida.

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